About Easy Produce Quotes

This service was created after identifying a major hurdle for business owners who have to submit Produce Quote Forms to Woolworths multiple times a week.

For medium-large sized suppliers, this was becoming increasingly difficult to do on a daily basis as the forms would get slower and slower to the point where a single form could take anywhere between 2-3 hours to complete.

We hope that this service that we have created saves you time and makes submitting produce quote forms to Woolworths a breeze.


Special thanks to the team at Red Rich Fruits for supporting us with the development of this service.


This is not a Woolworths endorsed service nor is it affiliated with Woolworths in any way.

This application provides another means to submit Produce Quote Forms instead of using PDF editing.


Please direct any enquiries that you may have to admin@easyproducequotes.com.au